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    Turnkey solution for walk-ins and refrigeration equipment

    Whether a restaurant, a hotel, a cafeteria or an institution, there are different aspects to consider before planning a kitchen space and choosing equipment. Once the needs are determined, planning according to the available space and evaluating the kitchen flow to best accommodate the various stations to optimize space and work efficiency.

    Many people are involved in project management therefore we believe in offering a turnkey solution for walk-in and refrigeration equipment to save time, minimize costs and offer a reliable service network.

    Thousands of dollars’ worth of food sits in a walk-in cooler and freezer, guarding its performance, energy efficient and reliable products is top priority.

    Why work with ADN Refrigeration?

    • We only uses high quality products that meet all requirements while adapting to dimensional constraints
    • A variety of options & accessories to maximize the value of any project
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Delivery and installation
    • Technical support
    • After-sales service
    • Authorized manufacture warranty provider

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