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    Hussmann Comercial Refrigeration

    Hussmann is more than a world-class manufacturer of quality display cases and refrigeration systems. We create innovative solutions and value-added benefits that improve your financial results.

    Since 1906, Hussmann has provided innovative products, services and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh foods. It is recognized throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing, selling, installing, and servicing display equipment and refrigeration systems for customers in the retail food industry. It also provides a variety of services to help food retailers become more efficient and effective. Hussmann serves several key markets, including supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, dollar and discount stores, and foodservice operations.

    Hussmann is enabling excellence in food retailing by providing innovative solutions in areas such as merchandising, energy efficiency and sustainability, food quality and integrity, refrigeration, design and engineering, service and installation, and improving retail performance.

    Hussmann Display Cases

    Hussmann display cases, merchandisers and walk-in coolers are engineered with advanced technologies to better preserve the quality and appeal of your foods. Whether you need it hot, cold, fresh or frozen, we’ve got you covered.

    Their extensive selection of industry-leading products includes superior meat, dairy, produce and frozen food cases for your core perishable departments as well as innovative specialty and self-contained cases for deli, hot foods, bakery, cross-merchandising and more.

    Choose from a wide range of sizes, styles and models, from narrow footprint to bulk merchandisers. We will gladly customize a solution to match your vision and footprint.

    hussmann display cases

    Hussmann Glass Doors

    Whether you’re in need of new cases or upgrading what you’ve got, we have glass doors and sliding glass lids to perfectly fit your needs and help your customers see your foods beautifully.

    Hussmann is the innovative leader in glass doors for reach-ins. Food retailers rely on our solutions for higher quality, lower energy costs, exceptional product visibility and versatility in all ambient conditions.

    Their Innovator series has created a new benchmark in all-climate door efficiency. Engineered for outstanding performance at almost all indoor temperature and humidity levels, from normal to extreme, Innovator doors are 43% more efficient than previous models and provide 13% total case energy savings. They’re also designed for maximum merchandising impact.

    Upgrading existing equipment to EcoVision Glass Doors offers food retailers a great opportunity to cut operating costs, reducing refrigeration energy use by up to 82% compared to traditional open multi-deck cases. EcoVision’s advanced, no-heat frame and dual pane glass pack keep energy use low by design, and switching from fluorescent to EcoShine LED lighting can provide even more savings.

    Hussmann glass doors

    Hussmann Refrigeration Systems

    The Hussmann team designs innovative refrigeration systems to serve all your food retail needs, with solutions that reduce HFC charge and leak potential, lower energy consumption and provide more cost-effective operations. No other commercial refrigeration manufacturer can match our breadth of products or depth of flexibility. Simply put, we go farther to give you the highest quality and best value.

    Their full line of advanced solutions includes parallel compressor systems, Protocol distributed low charge systems, Purity CO2 systems, Protochill distributed secondary systems, TerraChill CO2 systems, medium temperature central secondary systems, mechanical centers, electrical distribution centers and condensing units.

    Husmann refrigeration systems products
    Hussmann reliability is more than a pledge. It’s our most important deliverable. From design, testing, store equipment planning and installation all the way through to service, parts and ongoing support, we’re squarely focused on improvement to ensure that you receive the best products and services for the lifetime of your investment.

    And ADN Refrigeration is here for your installation, standing behind their products and services. From preventative maintenance to quick service, we work to minimize downtime, so your business runs efficiently. Hussmann parts are simple to order and provide like-for-like replacement of existing parts, keeping your stores looking great and your equipment operating at peak performance.

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