Planned Maintenance Service in Vancouver

Whether you run a private restaurant, snack bar or kitchen service for a hospital or school, the daily operations of your business rely heavily on your refrigeration system. The failure of a refrigeration unit can quickly cost you a fortune in missed revenue and wasted food. Therefore, routine maintenance on your cooling equipment is essential to ensure it operates at peak efficiency.
ADN Refrigeration has provided customers with high-quality services since 1980. We provide thorough refrigeration servicing to keep your refrigeration system operating efficiently. We have experience servicing many refrigeration systems and will quickly complete the task to ensure business continuity.

How Can We Help?

ADN Refrigeration supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your refrigeration system by ensuring that it is always working efficiently. Our planned refrigeration maintenance services prevent downtime and wastage from system failure and keep your cooling system working optimally.

Our maintenance services include:

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Planned Maintenance Service Vancouver | ADN Refrigeration Systems

Why Choose Us?

ADN Refrigeration offers planned maintenance services to a range of industries, from small businesses with a few refrigerators to big corporations with commercial refrigeration systems. The reasons you should choose us include the following:

  • Access to seasoned professionals

    ADN Refrigeration hires highly trained and qualified refrigeration technicians. Our dedicated staff has the skill and experience necessary to properly service and maintain commercial refrigeration equipment. We’re familiar with the equipment and common issues and have the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot and repair problems effectively.

  • Quick response time

    We understand how important it is to get your refrigeration system working again when it breaks down. Our team of refrigeration experts will respond quickly and get your system running in the shortest time possible – with little inconvenience.

  • Professional customer service

    We provide professional customer service, which includes monitoring your refrigeration system to ensure it’s working efficiently, quickly providing repair suggestions and cost estimates, promptly returning calls and keeping you informed about the status of your service requests.

  • Quality work

    We stay up to date with the latest industry standards and regulations, such as safety guidelines, to ensure that we provide the highest quality work. We also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and repair, taking into consideration the specific make and model of your equipment.

Refrigeration Servicing You Can Count On

At ADN Refrigeration, we have highly qualified project managers overseeing our commercial refrigeration maintenance programs to ensure your refrigeration systems are continuously operational. We also provide various refrigeration servicing alternatives, depending on the needs of your business, to optimize your refrigeration servicing strategy. Our devoted and skilled engineers will evaluate the system’s condition and provide a thorough report on anything that requires additional examination.

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Our team can recommend a planned maintenance program for your business that will improve your equipment’s operational capacity, extend its life expectancy and minimize breakdowns. We’ll get your system working quickly.

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