Food safety is one of the most critical factors in the food services industry. Whether you operate a supermarket or restaurant, functioning cold storage is essential for the success of your business. Without a proper area to store food safely, your business could incur thousands of dollars in loss due to spoilage. An efficient walk-in cooler can help to prevent this.

However, as with any other appliance, you should keep your walk-in cooler in good shape to ensure it runs efficiently. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the safe refrigeration of food for your business. Maximize your investment by practicing regular walk-in cooler repair and maintenance. Here are six ways to maintain your walk-in cooler and keep food fresh.

1. Keep Your Walk-In Clean

Regularly cleaning your walk-in cooler is the first step in maintaining it. Wash the exterior surfaces often, but avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions that may damage the metal surfaces and finishing. It’s also a good idea to sweep the floors frequently and spot-clean spills. Check evaporator fans often to ensure they are clean and clear any obstructions around them that may restrict airflow. 

2. Inspect the Exterior

Regularly check the hinges, handles and seals. Lubricate the hinges often and adjust the door if it doesn’t close properly. Seals should be flexible and make a tight fit against the cabinet. If seals are worn or brittle, replace them immediately. Check gaskets for tears and replace them if you find any issues.

3. Observe Temperature Changes

Frequent temperature changes in your walk-in cooler indicate that something is wrong. Once you’ve set the ideal temperature and put your cooler into service, there’s no need for further adjustments. You may be tempted to adjust the settings to accommodate increased use during peak operating times, but doing so can damage your unit.

Keep a log of daily temperature readings to help you identify anomalies quickly. Loud sounds and the inability to cool food can also help identify when something is wrong. If you notice irregularities, it may be time to contact a technician for walk-in cooler repair or servicing.

4. Clear Evaporator and Condensing Coils

The condenser and evaporator should be cleaned of dirt and other obstructions. Overtime, dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on these components, reducing their effectiveness and potentially leading to costly repairs. If you notice your evaporator or condenser needs cleaning, contact a technician who will assess and conduct an in-depth cleaning. 

5. Check Drain Lines Regularly

With commercial coolers, it can be very easy for dirt, mould, debris and sludge to accumulate in drain lines. This excess debris can cause your unit to release foul odours and even break down. Inspect drain pipes frequently to prevent and remove build-up and debris.

6. Schedule Maintenance Checks

There is only so much you can do by yourself to keep your walk-in cooler in top shape. Regular walk-in cooler repair and maintenance by a professional can keep it running smoothly and minimize costly problems in the long run. An experienced technician can locate issues quickly to prevent emergency repairs that may interrupt your business operations.

Walk-in Cooler Repair in Vancouver

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